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Help & FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers by Swift Custom Boxes Customers.

General Packaging FAQ’s

Custom packaging is designed specifically for your product. That means the perfect fit, colours, logos, and materials that reflect your brand and give you an edge over generic boxes.
Think of it as your product’s first impression! It grabs attention, builds brand recognition, and makes customers feel like they’re getting something special – boosting the likelihood of a purchase.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Primary Packaging: This is what holds your product directly (think an individual cereal box)
  • Secondary Packaging: Used for grouping and shipping primary packages (in case the cereal boxes come in).
  • Tertiary Packaging: The biggest level, like pallets used by warehouses.
Primary packaging is the piece of packaging that comes into direct touch with the product itself. This type of packaging is also frequently referred to as a consumer unit. Specifically, the fundamental objective of primary packaging is to keep, protect, and maintain the completed product, with the primary focus being on preventing it from contamination.
Aspects of aesthetics like colour, font, brightness, and other visuals have an impact on the packaging that a potential buyer is drawn to. Products that are packed in an appealing manner are scrutinized more closely, to the point where the competition has already been reduced.
Custom packaging is a form of packaging that is created to meet the specific requirements of a company, as opposed to using a conventional or pre-made box or package that can accommodate your product inside. During the process of custom packaging, modifications are made to the form, size, style, colours, material, varnish, and other features of a package.

Industry-Specific FAQ’s

It’s all about the unboxing experience! Custom packaging makes your product memorable, helps it stand out from the competition, and reinforces your brand identity. These factors make customers more likely to buy from you again and recommend your products.
Not at all! Many companies offer competitive prices on custom packaging, and it can be surprisingly affordable even for smaller businesses. Plus, the sales boost often makes it a worthwhile investment.
It is possible for your product to immediately leap off the shelf and into the hands of customers if it is designed with creative shapes, brilliant colours, or unique materials. When it comes to packaging, the goal is not simply to attract people; rather, it is to improve the experience they have.
During the shipping process, to ensure the safety of my items is a multi-step procedure that requires the incorporation of appropriate materials, the utilisation of appropriate softening processes, and the implementation of secure sealing measures. Have you considered the possibility of utilising protective packaging such as foam inserts or bubble wrap?

Shipping, Delivery, & MOQs FAQ’s

These are specialised packaging types used for transporting radioactive materials. Unless you’re in a very specific industry, you won’t need to worry about these.
This is the smallest number of custom boxes you can order at once. MOQs vary between companies, and some offer lower minimums for smaller businesses or testing new designs.
We are set to deliver your order within 5-6 days. But in case of any emergency or situation, we inform our customers about the situation.